Samuel Scriven Evans

Being a remote outpost on the other side of a busier east coast hindered the amount of photographers who visited Perth and it wasn’t until the 1850’s that permanent studios started to pop up. New Yorker, Samuel Scriven Evans appears to be the first, arriving at Fremantle, on 15 January 1853 in the Abigail from New Bedford. By March 1853 he opened a Daguerreotype Gallery at the Castle Hotel in Fremantle before later moving to Perth. None of Evans’ photos appear to have survived.
It’s probable that he learnt from and was related to  O.B. Evans of Buffalo, New York.

The last mention of Samuel as a photographer was in December 1853 and by 1862 he was working as a clerk at the Western Australian Bank.

Evans married Ellen Caroline Ougden on 27 February 1855 and settled down to family life in his new country. His brother-in-law Alfred Curtis also worked as a professional photographer.

Inquirer (Perth, WA : 1840 – 1855) Wed 7 Dec 1853


Inquirer (Perth, WA : 1840 – 1855) Wednesday 13 April 1853

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